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Effective use of Chiropractic treatment for neck pain

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Everybody experiences a stiff neck from time to time. While it may not hurt much, it can be quite a nuisance each time you turn your neck around. Here are a few things you can do to treat a neck pain at home: Use ice or heat pack | Check your pillow | Exercise | Avoid driving if you’re unable to turn your neck past your shoulder. If these help; you will have got rid of your neck pain but if not, you need to seek professional help.

Chiropractic treatment works well for neck pain. We first conduct a thorough examination and may need an x-ray to help with the diagnosis. Once the examination is done, we use a combination of Chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy to alleviate the pain.

Your neck pain may be a result of:

Injury caused by abnormal motion – This often causes muscles to become overextended and the vertebra in our neck to shift out of alignment.We re-align your vertebra and restore normal motion in your neck using Chiropractic treatment.

Pinched Nerve-Your neck is made up of vertebrae, and between each of the vertebra are nerves and discs (gel-like pillows that provide a cushion between each vertebrae).If one or more of your vertebra shift out of alignment, they can crowd or “pinch” the nerves that run between them causing neck pain. Using chiropractic therapy, werelease the pressureon your vertebra causing the nerves to be able to function correctly and restore normal motion in your neck.

WhiplashWhiplash is one of the most common injuries to the neck. It occurs when the neck experiences a sudden movement forward and backward or from side to side.This sudden movement overstretches or tears the tendons and ligaments in the neck.Chiropractic techniques help bring the tendons and ligaments to their original shape and enable the smooth movement of the neck.

A chiropractor can help you get rid of neck pain. We specialize in neck care treatment and are available from Monday to Saturday. Email us to find out how we can help you get rid of your neck pain.

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