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Dr. Shahverdi

Keyvan Shahverdi is a Fairfax chiropractor and acupuncturist who serves Fairfax and the surrounding communities in Virginia.

After graduating from the University of Kansas, Dr. Shahverdi attended Texas Chiropractic College and received his doctoral degree in Chiropractic while attending the American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Houston, Texas where he earned his Master degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. He is Board Certified in Chiropractic by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiner and is also a Certified Licensed Acupuncturist, by the National Commission Certification for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Dr. Shahverdi strives to use his knowledge and extensive training in chiropractic and acupuncture to improve the health and wellness in all areas of patient’s lives and give them the best treatments possible to relieve them from pain and suffering. He has a holistic approach to Chiropractic and Acupuncture care, which means looking for the underlying causes of disease, discomfort, and pain, as opposed to just treating the symptoms. Many seemingly unrelated symptoms often arise from imbalances in the spinal column, and Dr. Shahverdi is be able to determine the root of the pain and create a personalized Chiropractic / Acupuncture and wellness plans to suit each patient’s individual needs.

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